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Monday, 25 August 2014

Top 10 Autumn Holiday Destinations

When the long summer days draw to a close and the nights become longer, we all must accept that autumn is just around the corner. However, far from mourning the end of summer we should be celebrating autumn in all its multi coloured glory! After all, there are so many destinations around the world which look their best during the fall months, and which are therefore perfect for a post-summer, pre-winter, getaway.

Some of our favourite autumn trip locations include;


If you want to experience nature in all its autumn glory then Canada is the destination for you. Head to one of the many national parks, and enjoy dramatic views, calm lakes and every shade of orange imaginable.


Autumn is the perfect time to explore Paris, the summer crowds will have long dispersed, and the falling leaves are the perfect backdrop to the gothic architecture and for romantic strolls.


The Bavarian countryside reaches its fairy-tale heights during the fall, with rolling hills and dramatic castles. Alternatively, head to Munich for a true taste of German culture and enjoy Oktoberfest, plus a few strolls around the city.  


Autumn is the perfect time to explore India, avoiding the sweltering summer months and the Monsoon season. Immerse yourself in the beautiful cultures, sleep under the stars in the desert and get lost in the hustle and bustle of the towns.


If you’re a ‘foodie’ then Italy is the perfect gastronomic destination for you. October and November mark the start of amazing food festivals and autumn celebrations throughout the country – not to mention the array of delicious truffles which are harvested around this time.  


Japan is absolutely stunning in the fall months, as the fiery reds and bright greens are a flawless backdrop to the colourful culture. Appreciate Japan’s beautiful architecture, immerse yourself in the culture, and wander into the mystical forests which surround Mount Fuji for a taste of its magical legends.


If you’re an animal lover then Madagascar is the perfect eco-destination for you. Autumn is the perfect time to visit the jungle paradise, especially for bird watching and spotting new born baby Lemurs!

New York

Thinking about a metropolitan style break? Then New York is the place for you. New York offers the perfect combination of city and nature – enjoy the New York skyline and busy streets, and then head to Central park for a stroll among the autumn trees and a picnic.


If you’re looking for a break around Halloween, then look no further than Romania. The literary home of Dracula and a host of other haunting creatures, Romania is a must for any Halloween tourists.  Explore gothic castles as you wonder through the Romanian countryside.


If you’re looking for an active break, then Switzerland is the perfect destination for any fall explorer. Hike some stunning trials, and visit chocolate factories and cheese making centres along the way.

If you've been tempted by any of those amazing destinations, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance before you depart. Enjoy what the world has to offer, with Holidaysafe.co.uk. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Does your Hometown Reflect your Holiday Budget?

According to a recent survey by VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, people in the North East of England spend more on their holidays than any other region – an average of £1,150 per person! However, people from Yorkshire only spend around £310 per person. 

The survey questioned over 2,500 adults from around the UK, all of whom had been abroad in the last 12 months, and found a trend in the amount spent based on the hometown of the participant. 

The results found the following average holiday costs for these regions;

North East - £1,150
Wales - £1,305
South East - £910
North West - £860
London - £840
East of England - £770
South West - £640
East Midlands - £575
Scotland - £550
Northern Ireland - £430
West Midlands - £405
Yorkshire and Humberside - £310

The survey also went a step further, comparing bills to wages to determine how much of their annual income people were spending on holidays. Interestingly, the research found that people from the North East spend around 7% of their total annual income on holidays, whereas people from London only spend around 2%. 

Whatever you pay for your holidays abroad, it is extremely important that you protect your investment against a holiday disaster. Imagine having to cancel your trip only to find that you couldn’t reclaim any of the money you’ve paid for the holiday! This is where travel insurance can step in and cover the costs, to ensure you don’t miss out – for more information on insuring trips up to £7,500 per person against cancellation, visit Holidaysafe.co.uk. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

‘Advensioners’ Spark New Golden Travelling Trend

Whilst many people might think that the best time to travel is during a gap year – either between school or university and The Real World, or during a sabbatical from work – a survey by Fidelity Worldwide Investment has suggested that a new breed of retirees are making trends of their own and embarking on global adventures throughout their ‘golden years’.

Two in five retirees now draw up some form of bucket list of things they would like to do or achieve within their retirement years, 75 per cent of which decide they want to fulfil the dreams and capitalise on the things they couldn’t or didn’t do when they were younger, when things like family or careers came first. Now with more free time and freer income or savings to spend, retirees are taking the travelling world by storm.

Trips and holidays ranging from luxury getaways, classic road trips, adrenaline-rush activities and exotic locations are the top of most people’s itineraries but the survey, which asked 1,000 retirees to reveal their ‘ultimate bucket list’ of places they wanted to visit and things they wanted to do.

The most desired activity was to see the Northern Lights in Norway by a vast majority of the retirees, with a quarter of the survey’s participants preferring a slightly warmer climate and saying they would reward themselves with a relaxing and luxurious Caribbean cruise.

Living up to the ‘advensioners’ moniker, a fifth of retirees stated that they wanted to view the Grand Canyon’s spectacular sights by helicopter, followed by a tour of the Las Vegas strip, and other ambitious participants stated their desire to walk the Great Wall of China (18%), and go on a Route 66 road trip across the United States (18%).

As people are living longer, people no longer see the age of 65 as the age to slow down once you retire, as they did in the past. Many people who have retired are still as active, healthy and independent as those who are still working and as the survey’s findings show, they certainly intend on living life to the full - travelling the world, embarking on adventures and making the most of their well-deserved retirement.

“65 is the new 50” said Maike Currie, associate investment director at Fidelity Worldwide Investment. In many ways, your early retirement years are the best times to see the world, especially when health and financial issues are less likely to get in the way of travel. More than 50% of retirees believe their regular monthly outgoings will rise over the next five years with most of them putting this rise down to rising living costs, so all the more reason as to why people are making the most of the opportunity to travel whilst they can.

Enjoy what the world has to offer, with over 65 travel insurance from Holidaysafe.

Monday, 18 August 2014

And the July Winner is…

Holidaysafe has over 900 customer reviews on our independent Trust Pilot Reviews page, so to say thank you to all of our lovely customers who take time out of their busy schedules to leave us their feedback; we started a monthly prize draw to give one lucky reviewer a £15 Amazon Voucher every month.

I am very pleases to announce that the winner of our July prize draw is…

Dr Ridley from Dundee

Dr Ridely gave Holidaysafe 5 stars and wrote the following review;

“Excellent cover at very competitive price - Was very easy to find the right cover and I was extremely pleased with the product I selected. I didn’t need to use it but felt very reassured that I was well covered on this holiday!”

When we contacted Dr Ridley to inform her of the win, she replied “What a surprise! This is the icing on the cake I was very pleased with the service and cover I got from Holidaysafe.  I’ll be using the voucher towards the next Bikeline cycling tour book for next year’s holiday!”

If you’re a Holidaysafe customer who would be interested in receiving a £15 Amazon Gift Card, all you have to do is leave us a review on our Trust Pilot Evaluation page. Your name will then be automatically entered into our monthly prize draw.

At the time of this blog post, Holidaysafe has 918 customer reviews with an overall customer satisfaction score of 9.1 out of 10 and a Trust Pilot Score of ‘Excellent’!

Friday, 15 August 2014

15 Packing Tips for the Perfect Tour

To help anyone trying to pack for a motorcycle road trip, we asked our biking experts for their top tips…

Start at the Beginning

The key to successful packing is to really think about where you are going and how long for, as this will allow you to whittle down your luggage to the essentials. For example, will you need sun tan lotion and sandals or water proof jackets and heated gloves?

To save space think about packing things which can serve a dual purpose, for example Kevlar lined denim jeans offer great protection on the bike and don’t look out of place off the bike.

Never fold your clothes always roll them, as this will save space.

Never fill your luggage to capacity so you can fill the space with souvenirs or supplies for the journey home.

Think about investing in travel electronics and gadgets which will save space, for example lose the heavy paper guide book and opt for an electronic version on a phone or tablet.  

Don’t skimp on the tent! If you’re planning to camp, spend a little more to buy a specialist tent which will fold down to an extremely compact size, otherwise you’ll be stuck lugging it around.

Tool Kits and Packing

Don’t leave home without completing a quick service (e.g. tyres, lights, breaks etc.) on your bike and packing a basic tool kit, otherwise you may find your holiday halted at the side of the road.

A puncture repair kit & CO2 canister will save a lot of heartache and get you back on the road if an errant nail finds your tyre.

Other useful tools you could pack include a satnav (or magnetic tank map pouch), torch or head lamp, spare bungee cords, and a basic first aid kit.

Remember, every country will have different rules about the kit you should have, for example, in France Motorists (including bikers) are required to carry a breathalyser kit.

If you’re camping, don’t forget a kick stand plate to stop your bike falling into the mud.

Top Tip!

Find space for an empty carrier bag and keep it with you throughout the trip. If it starts to rain and you want to get your waterproofs on quickly, you will really struggle to get them past your wet boots. Putting a carrier bag over your boot will enable a quick change!

Documentation and Insurance

When travelling abroad you should always make sure you have international motorcycle and breakdown insurance – don’t leave home without them.

The rules about the documentation you need to carry can vary between destinations, but to be safe you should bring your insurance certificate, driving licence and V5, just in case the authorities ask to see them.

You should always pre-programme important phone numbers into your phone, carry a photo copy of your passport and details of your travel insurance in case you need assistance. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How to Plan a Flawless Last Minute Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle holidays are the perfect last minute trip, as you can simply jump on your bike and go! To ensure you have a fantastic motorcycle trip, just follow the top tips below from our touring experts...

Top Destinations

To avoid any issues with visas and alike we suggest heading to Europe, and the following destinations offer an array of sunny roads just waiting to be explored; 

  • Italy – you could try Bologna; the birth place of Ducati, or instead head to Florence for a real taste of Italia.
  • Spain – although busy in the summer months, Spain still offers some brilliant places just waiting to be explored by bike. If you have time, try heading for places like Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.
  • Switzerland – Beautiful Mountains and quaint villages await around every bend in Switzerland – explore as much of it as you can!

Before you depart for your trip, always check local laws and customs to avoid being caught out. For example, in France it is illegal for any vehicles (including bikes) to not carry a breathalyser at all times.  

Insurance and Documents

Even if your trip is last minute, you should never leave home without having the correct cover in place…

  • Bike Insurance – double check that your bike insurance covers you for riding abroad, and if there are any limitations you should be aware of. 
  • Break down cover – we would always suggest that you have international break down cover, otherwise you may find yourself stuck at the side of the road in a holiday nightmare. 
  • Travel Insurance – now that your bike is fully protected, you need to make sure that you protect yourself and your bike to whilst away. Buy a specialist policy to cover you for things like cancellation, personal accident, trip disruption, and loss or damaged to your motorcycle apparel and luggage. 
  • Finally, don’t forget to bring your EHIC when travelling in Europe, just in case you need medical attention - and of course, don't leave home without your passport!

Schedules and Timings

Don’t forget to leave plenty of time to reach the port or station before your scheduled departure time. Remember, just because you’re avoiding the airport does not mean you definitely won’t be victim to delays! Allow extra time in your planning for traffic and queuing when you arrive. 

Your Pride and Joy

It goes without saying that you should always give your bike a good service before embarking on any long trip. Check that all of your lights are working, that your tyres are in good condition, and there is nothing wrong with the breaks or electrics. Just in case, you should always carry a small tool kit with you for road side maintenance. 

Once your bike is on board the ferry thick foam pads should be placed around it to prevent any damage by the heavy duty ratchet straps and chocks which are used to hold it in place. A member of crew should be around to help you with this, to ensure the bike does not topple over during the trip and cause damage to itself or anything else. 

Enjoy what the World has to offer, with Holidaysafe.co.uk. 

Monday, 11 August 2014

And the Winner of our GoPro Competition is…

At Holidaysafe, we’re particularly passionate about Motorcycle travel, which is why we decided to launch our ‘Win a GoPro’ prize draw for all attendants of the Hastings Bike1066 show in May, and the Bexhill MotoFest event in July.

We chose a GoPro as our prize because they are the perfect gadget for any biker or keen sportsman – ‘the world’s most versatile cameras’ which allow people to film and share their greatest experiences. Imagine recording your ride along Route 66 at sunset, or the moment you ski down a flawless snowy mountain – your greatest travel moments will be captured for you on film to relive again and again.

Flash forward to August, and both events were absolutely brilliant (discounting the weather!). We had a fantastic amount of entrants for the competition, however there could only be one winner, and I am very happy to announce that the GoPro has been delivered to…

Mr Platten from Bexhill

When we contacted him to announce his win, Mr Platten commented “Thank you very much! I am very amazed and stunned to win such a fantastic prize.” Mr Platten is a keen biker who takes his bike abroad, so the GoPro should come in very handy for catching all those fantastic touring moments.

 On behalf of the entire Holidaysafe team, I would just like to thank Mr Platten once again for taking part in our prize draw, and to everyone else who also took part at both events.

If you’re planning a motorcycle trip, visit Holidaysafe.co.uk for more information about specialist and affordable biker travel insurance.
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